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ELLE Fashion Film: Little Treasures

What an amazing opportunity to shoot a fashion film for ELLE Arabia. Its winter time, so the weather here in Dubai is amazing! No better time to go to the desert and shoot!

Screen grab from fashion film

I've been to the desert a few times but, this was my first fashion film there. Apart from it being VERY windy, and the car getting stuck in the dunes a few times (very scary might I add) this was one of my favourite shoots to date. The shoot took about 4- 5 hours, we did three outfit changes, Endemage, Madiyah Al Sharqi and SemSem (in order of appearance) and used jewellery from 2 different designers, Donna Hourani and Chaumet.

The film features Roula Arab from Chaumet, she had never been in a fashion film before but her acting skills were great, so easy to work with and direct.

An Iphone picture of me shooting

Screen grab from fashion film, car from Chevrolet

A lot of my fashion and beauty films/videos are often off the back of a photoshoot. When there is a photographer on set, usually the photoshoot takes priority and the videographer gets a few minutes to shoot. This time there was no photographer and I was creatively in charge. It was nice to have time to direct and plan shots. The recent rise in more fashion films and decline in behind the scenes (BTS) videos, makes me very happy. I am able to be more creative when i’m producing content with a narrative or direction rather than documenting others creativity.

An Iphone picture of me shooting the sunset

I shot on the Red Epic Dragon 6K camera and used Rokinon prime lenses mainly 50mm and 24mm. I shot at 6K 25fps and 5K 100fps. Edited using Adobe premiere pro and graded using Davinci Resolve.

I'm very happy with the result of this video, It was lovely to work with a such an amazing team, from the stylist to make up artist, When you're working with great people the outcome is usually great too.

Let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading my blog post! To become the best videographer I can be, I will really appreciate any feedback. Also, if you have any questions about my videography/photography or want to know how I edit my videos/photos please comment below and I will try and be as detailed in my replies as possible. Don’t forget to follow on Facebook and Instagram.


by Augusta Quaynor

I have the most amazing job being an international videographer and photographer. With over 4 years experience, my passion and drive has made everyday a unique one.


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