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Andrea Fashion Film

"Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."

- Coco Chanel

Just a quick one! I was meant to post this earlier but i've been busy the last few weeks moving from Dubai to the UK for summer. Remember in my 'Maire Alis Fashion Film' post, I mentioned I had a personal shoot planned but it rained? Well I finally got to shoot it! YAY

I've had this idea, model and location on standby for a while..

So here's the film.. Enjoy!

I collaborated with the talented Bianca Hartkopf, a hair and make up artist based in Dubai and the beautiful Andrea Solpa, a model at MMG.

I shot on the Sony FS7 with canon lenses and edited on Adobe Premier Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

Usually when I can help it, I would not create a fashion video longer than 1 minute 30 seconds as this is the point I (and probably most people) generally lose interest, but it works right?

After the shoot, I shot a separate beauty video for Bianca's Beauty Room. Below is the an iPhone photo of the finished look, video coming soon.

I love doing personal projects between paid shoots, not just for the obvious reasons, no clients, no time restrictions, no deadlines but because I get to chose who I work with and what I create.

Let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading my blog post! To become the best videographer I can be, I will really appreciate any feedback. Also, if you have any questions about my videography/photography or want to know how I edit my videos/photos please comment below and I will try and be as detailed in my replies as possible. Don’t forget to follow on Facebook and Instagram.


by Augusta Quaynor

I have the most amazing job being an international videographer and photographer. With over 4 years experience, my passion and drive has made everyday a unique one. I will be able to to cater for all your needs whether it be stills or video. I offer different packages tailor-made to each individuals budget. Making my customers happy is my number one priority.

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