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Happy New Year Everyone!!

My beauty film for Marie Claire Arabia x Guerlain is finally out (YAY). I’m so proud of this one! It's the first time I've come up with the creative concept, styling, hair/make up and location for a client project.

In my previous post ‘Elle fashion Film’ I explained how great it felt to be creatively in charge and to not shoot alongside a photoshoot, as it allows me more time to direct and exicute shots. I feel the same way about this shoot. I'm hoping 2018 brings more opportunities like this.

Below are some of the moodboards I sent to pitch my idea. One of my inspirations for the video was the advert by Dior featuring Bella Hadid called ‘The date’. I wanted the overall feel of my video to be light hearted and fun.

Visual Moodboard

Location moodboard

The shoot location was a villa in Al Barari. I chose this particular room as I was drawn to how much natural light there was. I wanted the film to be lit naturally so I turned off all the lights in the room and used 2x Astra LED panels to enhance the daylight coming from the windows.

I shot on the Red Epic Dragon 6K camera and used Rokinon prime lenses mainly 50mm and 24mm. I shot at 6K 25fps (normal speed) for most of the video and 5K 100fps (slow motion) for the close ups of her lips and branding. I edited using Adobe premiere pro and graded using Davinci Resolve.

The behind the scenes photo below shows the tracking shot I did of the model entering the room. I practiced this shot the day before on my partner at home to see if it would work at 25fps on the 24mm lens or if it would look too shaky as I was shooting handheld. I didn’t want to shoot this in slow motion as I wanted there to be a sense of energy.

Below is the teaser video (Click here for full video)

Alternative Ending

This is an alternative ending to the video, I wasn’t sure if this would work but wanted to shoot it anyway as an option. I used an acrylic sheet in front of the camera to create a point of view (POV) of the model kissing the mirror. I felt that this didn’t work in the edit but I will definitely be revisiting this idea in the future.

Let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading my blog post! To become the best videographer I can be, I will really appreciate any feedback. Also, if you have any questions about my videography/photography or want to know how I edit my videos/photos please comment below and I will try and be as detailed in my replies as possible. Don’t forget to follow on Facebook and Instagram.


by Augusta Quaynor

I have the most amazing job being an international videographer and photographer. With over 4 years experience, my passion and drive has made everyday a unique one.


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