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Alice and Olivia in Dubai

Alice and Olivia is a New York based contemporary clothing company founded by Stacey Bendet. The lifestyle brand was first created in 2002 by her desire to make “a trouser sexy”.

Stacey Bendet at her Dubai Mall Boutique

Late March, Alice and Olivia held a private charity event at their Dubai Mall boutique, Bendet allowed the women attending to view and try on an exclusive kaftan, which had been designed and developed to promote and support the crafts of the MENASEA (Middle East North Africa South East Asia).

Exclusive Kaftan

I first heard about the brand in 2015 when Bendet appeared on the reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians. As you can see from the images below, her current collection is very colourful and quirky. The colour palette this season features bright pops of poppy red, aqua and shades of chambray denim.

Spring Collection 2016

Fashion Designer

Event Display

Event display of Stacey Bendet Collection

Alice and Oliva

Although this was a charity event, it also presented the perfect opportunity for the women attending to network, discuss their business ideas and share information about new developments. Among those participating at the event were Sheikha Shayma bint Hashr Al Maktoum. The event lasted two hours which included a speech given by Bendet, a DJ and delicious canapés.

Stacey Bendet


To read more about the event click here to be directed to Eye of Dubai website.

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