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Citizen K International

When you’re shooting BTS for Citizen K International Magazine - Theres no if, but or maybes when the founder of the magazine wants to use your arm for the shoot.

Citizen K International is a French luxury, lifestyle and fashion magazine. In October, I had the pleasure of being a part of this amazing shoot! The shoot was a collaboration between Piaget and a few local designers. The jewels from Piaget were so stunning! (And very expensive- They came with three security guards!! :O )

There were six looks in total. On the 5th look, the founder, Kappauf, asked out 'who’s got nice hands?', I was standing behind my camera as he turned to me and said 'let me see you hands', and before I knew it i was a part of the shoot. HOW RANDOMMMM?!

Minor problem, Kappauf spoke mostly in french, as I do not- you can imagine how confused I was feeling when he was directing me to move my hands and I did nothing. In all honesty, because I couldn't understand what was being said, I still didn't know that was going to be apart of the shoot until my hand went through the jacket (see images below).

I had to hide behind the model and follow her movements to insure I stayed hidden,

I remember it being very hot because of the lights and my arm was aching because I had to keep it elevated for a while. However, during all of this, I couldn’t stop smiling because it was so spontaneous and random - More reasons why I love my job!

Does this mean I can call myself a hand model now?

Obviously, I wasn’t able to film BTS of this look (until the end of the shoot)- not because I was in hair and make up (as mentioned in my previous post) but because I was physically attached to the model- I think at one point I was leaning my head on her back and my hand was on her chest!

Such a great a surreal experience.

Everyone on the shoot was amazing! From the client to the talent right to the even the body guards who where there to look after the jewellery, where great to work with.

I’ve worked with them again since, same week actually! There was a private fashion show to showcase the collaboration to an intimate group of industry professionals and influencers. Below is a few snaps from backstage with the lovely Lera Marchuk posing for me.

Backstage fashion show

The footage from both shoots will be used in the same edit. Which sadly will not be edited by me, but by their in house editor in France. I will edit together a Directors cut which will be posted on my Instagram so follow @aq_photographyandfilm

Let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading my blog post! To become the best photographer I can be, I will really appreciate any feedback. Also, if you have any questions about my videography/photography or want to know how I edit my videos/photos please comment below and I will try and be as detailed in my replies as possible. Don’t forget to follow on Facebook and Instagram.


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