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TVC Newby

Quick one! Last week Tuesday I was lucky be on my first TV Commercial (TVC) shoot ever!!!!!

I was kindly asked by Tom L to assist on the drone as he was training me to use it. I love stepping out of my comfort zone and experiencing new things.

While on shoot I was asked to be the camera operator for the drone for more of the tricky shots. Mind you I had only learnt how to use the drone for around 30mins. The director, Bruno, stood by me to make sure I was getting the shots he wanted. I was pretty nervous (on the inside) because I wanted to do a great job. At the end of the shoot the feedback was very positive and Bruno was very happy with the shots (PHEW).

There where 3 different locations. The first location was at Dubai Creek, the second and third location was near and in front of the Meyden Hotel Dubai.

Below are some BTS shots I took of the In house Films Crew at Dubai Creek:

Below is the final video:

Thank you for reading my blog post! To become the best videographer I can be, I will really appreciate any feedback. Also, if you have any questions about my videography/photography or want to know how I edit my videos/photos please comment below and I will try and be as detailed in my replies as possible. Don’t forget to follow on Facebook and Instagram. The final photos of me modelling will be posted on my social media soon.


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I have the most amazing job being a Dubai female videographer and photographer. With over 4 years experience, my passion and drive has made everyday a unique one. I will be able to to cater for all your needs whether it be stills or video. I offer different packages tailor-made to each individuals budget. Making my customers happy is my number one priority.

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